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A Righteous King with a Father Heart

Exploring the nature of someone as big as God, takes a careful approach. It’s a bit like walking a tightrope – making a statement that is true but not balanced, can create the wrong concept and knock us off the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hardwired – Finding the God You Already Know

Hardwired – Finding the God You Already Know by James Miller is a breath of fresh air in the marketplace of Christian apologetics resources. Not that what’s already there is not high caliber, useful material, but it seems to be … Continue reading

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Inferring Dark Matter

The ongoing search for dark matter received an exciting advancement recently when strongly predicted gamma ray signals were detected at exactly the location and orientation that current dark matter theories predict. Scientists are clear that these results do not constitute … Continue reading

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Math Equals Beauty

I love getting a glimpse of the foundations of something I’m familiar with seeing only at the surface level. Not the least exciting is getting a chance to better visualize what is going on behind the scenes of the natural … Continue reading

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The Simulation Argument

Modern philosophy and modern science have teamed up to develop a new theory of existence known as the “simulation argument”. It contends that nothing in our universe actually “exists” but everything, including the universe itself and everyone in it, are … Continue reading

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Thinking About Three-in-One

I was reading the message board in a popular apologetics forum a few weeks back and came across a question that dealt with the three-in-one nature of God. The question was from someone with a Muslim friend who was questioning … Continue reading

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Defending the faith in light of high-profile failure

Another high-standing church member has been arrested and brought into nation-wide disrepute – a painfully public display that once again casts a shadow on the Christian church.

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