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Why is Christmas celebrated on a Pagan festival day?

Did You Know? … that the traditional date for Christmas (December 25th) can be traced back as far as 273 AD and was chosen precisely because it corresponded with several pagan celebrations? Advertisements

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10 Reasons Not to Do Apologetics

This may be a blog series worth keeping an eye on!

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Kidnapped for Christ – a little perspective

The Calgary Herald ran an article recently about a documentary entitled “Kidnapped for Christ.” The documentary exposes the horrors that occurred at an allegedly Christian school for troubled American teens, called Escuela Caribe, located in the mountain village of Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic. … Continue reading

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What about those who have never heard?

[2014-04-08: see update at the end] There are certain common questions that get brought up again and again in the world of Apologetics. Why is there so much suffering? How can you claim your religion is the one true religion? And … Continue reading

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RZIM visits Calgary – a review

[Editor’s note – This review of the RZIM weekend (Jan 24-26, 2014) in Calgary was submitted by one of the members of the NCAC quite some time ago. This is one of those cases where it is quite appropriate to … Continue reading

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Should Christians Engage in Political Activism?

We had our monthly meeting this past Saturday (yes, it is possible for the human being to experience the accumulated pleasure of an NCAC meeting and a family gathering overflowing with turkey, ham, and every other gastronomic goodness you can … Continue reading

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Thinking About Three-in-One

I was reading the message board in a popular apologetics forum a few weeks back and came across a question that dealt with the three-in-one nature of God. The question was from someone with a Muslim friend who was questioning … Continue reading

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