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Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Part 7

I’m all the way to Chapters 12 and 13. It’s still maintaining the edge-of-your-seat interest (as much as can be expected from an academic book) despite the earlier slow part in the middle. The theme of these chapters relates to … Continue reading

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A Grounded Hope

The kids and I had just burst through the door at around 11:25 on Tuesday April 16, 2013, when the phone rang. It was the principal at the school that my wife, Denise, taught at. Considering who was calling and … Continue reading

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A sign of greater tolerance or of the insignificance of religious belief?

From The Economist I find that “rates of interfaith and inter-denominational marriage are rising, to the point where 45% of marriages in the past decade have involved either two religions or Christian doctrines that clash seriously.” The article observes that … Continue reading

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Who are atheists?

An apologetics site, when discussing atheists and atheism, will most often focus on belief claims and rational arguments. We know a lot about what atheists believe and the arguments they use to counter the faith claims of Christians in particular. … Continue reading

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A pernicious form of atheism

In this Easter season, here is a thoughtful piece from W. Travis McMaken on atheism and its close relationship to the Christian community. He quotes Karl Barth, the great Swiss theologian, who commented on three types of atheism. Barth asked … Continue reading

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Finding the truth is like walking through a briar patch

Jordan Monge tells of her journey from atheism to the Christian faith. One afternoon on a walk she left the path and tried to reach the ocean. The experience became a metaphor for her search for truth. She relates: Following … Continue reading

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April 2013 meeting – Challenge of world religions

We don’t have a fancy promo video for this one like we do for May’s meeting because Dr. Irving Hexham is a local Calgarian. We are going to try to get a little fancy, though, by having it live streamed … Continue reading

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