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Of propositions and relationships

I often hear Christians describe how Christianity is really all about our relationship with God. This simple fact is sometimes used to dismiss the study of theology, apologetics and other fields of academic inquiry. After all, if the relationship is essential … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Part 8

My review of Richard Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses continues, albeit after a rather lengthy hiatus. Between my wife’s stay in the hospital and the fact that, frankly, Bauckham is a tough act to keep up on, I slowed down. … Continue reading

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Be Ready 2013 – a review

It’s been a few weeks since the Be Ready conference but I thought it would still be worthwhile to do a bit of a review. [Scratch that, it’s been months. Somehow I overlooked clicking “publish” on this one so it … Continue reading

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Evil and suffering in a morally good world – objections 7

And, finally, the last installment in my series of objections to my original article. So what about the animals? What are we to make of their “suffering?” If the accepted history of the world is to be believed then they’ve been … Continue reading

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