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Why were we created here and not just directly into heaven?

From the mind of Dr. Randal Rauser, a subject very close to what I’ve been working through recently myself; humanity, suffering, God, Heaven and all that stuff. This particular objection was once raised in the comment boxes if my memory serves … Continue reading

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That Old Testament God

A paper from a lady who previously presented to our group is available online. As I skimmed it the subject matter appeared to be similar to what she presented on. By the way, I hope she ends up uploading some … Continue reading

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Please don’t help my kids

In light of the recent theme of my writing – Suffering in general, where is God in all of that, the fact that some form of hardship is necessary for human virtues (such as heroism) to be possible – I found … Continue reading

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Evil and suffering in a morally good world – objections 1

To propose that this world is morally good despite the vast quantities of evil and suffering, as I did in a recent article, is obviously to introduce a concept that will be met with some resistance. I will consider various objections … Continue reading

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Evil and suffering in a morally good world

[This was originally supposed to be a single article but it ended up growing uncomfortably long. There is a series of follow-up articles that consider various objections to this line of reasoning.] The question of why God allows evil and … Continue reading

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Quote on suffering

Given all the discussion lately on the topic of suffering, and as I continue to (wait for enough time to) put some finishing touches on a larger article that takes a closer look at that subject, I thought this quote … Continue reading

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The origins of the New Testament

This also recently crossed my desk. It could prove to be a very informative night, but it’s coming up quickly. Sorry for the late notice. An Evening with Paul Spilsbury Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins – Ambrose University … Continue reading

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