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The Simulation Argument

Modern philosophy and modern science have teamed up to develop a new theory of existence known as the “simulation argument”. It contends that nothing in our universe actually “exists” but everything, including the universe itself and everyone in it, are … Continue reading

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Experiencing God Without Losing Your Mind: Thinking Through Your Faith (book review)

The title “Experiencing God Without Losing Your Mind” (Stephen J. Bedard) intrigued me so I had to pick up a copy. It has been an ongoing observation of mine that the Christian Church (at least in Western Canada where I … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Part 9

It took me a while but I am finally wrapping up my review of Bauckham’s book. You can search the archives for the other 8 installments. In the final chapter Bauckham describes the importance of eyewitness testimony and he makes … Continue reading

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Can I Identify Myself as a Christian?

Two years ago I met with a young graduate physics student at the University of Calgary. We talked over coffee in a Starbucks and she asked me a question. “Can I identify myself as a Christian?” What she meant was … Continue reading

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Should Christians Engage in Political Activism?

We had our monthly meeting this past Saturday (yes, it is possible for the human being to experience the accumulated pleasure of an NCAC meeting and a family gathering overflowing with turkey, ham, and every other gastronomic goodness you can … Continue reading

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Random reflections from the hospital

When my wife spent some time in the hospital I had a lot of time to think about a lot of stuff. I have previously blogged about a number of issues of relatively significant importance (here, here, here and here … Continue reading

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