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Podcasts Worth Listening To

I love to listen to podcasts. I have a subscription list of around 40 different podcasts, and I track around 40 more for episodes of interest. My work provides me abundant opportunity to listen to podcasts all day long, and … Continue reading

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The Absurd Moral Logic Behind #shoutyourabortion

The Backstory Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing little boys and little girls. This is a fact that they would never publicly admit to. But in the seclusion of their back offices, they admit this truth amongst themselves, … Continue reading

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Q&A night – in Okotoks

A few members of our group will participate in “Ask the Apologist” at the Okotoks Evangelical Free Church on Tuesday, June 9 starting at 7PM. Feel free to join us and bring your friends and your questions. We don’t have … Continue reading

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March meeting – 2015

Did you attend the “Be Ready” conference put on by Faith Beyond Belief in February? Perhaps you have some questions about what you heard, or maybe some objections? Or maybe you just want to explore some of the discussions a little … Continue reading

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Naturalism, The Bible, and the Sixth Mass Extinction

Did you know that there have been five major mass extinction events in earth’s history? Did you also know that there is a mass extinction underway right now in 2015? It is thought that this extinction event, called the Holocene … Continue reading

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December 2014 meeting

Have you ever wondered about the Latter Day Saint church (Mormons) or the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses)? Some members of our community have investigated these groups and are putting together an introduction for the rest of us. Topics will include:

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RZIM Summer School – part 3

Previously I blogged about the summer school I attended in July (see here and here). This is a wrap-up entry with a few questions that keep nagging at me even after the event. These questions relate to the participants, the … Continue reading

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