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Atheism, Abortion, Guilt, and Forgiveness

This is an article that deals with the moral status of abortion. It attempts to show that any worldview that claims (1) science as its ultimate arbiter of truth, and (2) that all human lives are of equal value, must … Continue reading

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Nobody is ever argued into the Kingdom

In Apologetic circles we regularly hear the claim that “Nobody is ever argued into the Kingdom.” It never seems to help change people’s minds by pointing out that many Christians do, in fact, specifically claim that the evidence persuaded them … Continue reading

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Fine-tuning argument rebutted?

In this brief article on the fine-tuning of the universe, the “friendly Atheist” (aren’t they all friendly?) tells us that the fine-tuning argument has been “debunked so many times over,” and that it is, at heart, a fallacy (and an … Continue reading

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Who are atheists?

“An apologetics site, when discussing atheists and atheism, will most often focus on belief claims and rational arguments. We know a lot about what atheists believe and the arguments they use to counter the faith claims of Christians in particular. … Continue reading

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The Simulation Argument

Modern philosophy and modern science have teamed up to develop a new theory of existence known as the “simulation argument”. It contends that nothing in our universe actually “exists” but everything, including the universe itself and everyone in it, are … Continue reading

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Can I Identify Myself as a Christian?

Two years ago I met with a young graduate physics student at the University of Calgary. We talked over coffee in a Starbucks and she asked me a question. “Can I identify myself as a Christian?” What she meant was … Continue reading

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Searching for God

[This article is part of a larger series on “Evidence for God.” Read here for more details.] The search for God is a quest as old as human thought but the question remains; have we found him? Her? It? What … Continue reading

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