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Math Equals Beauty

I love getting a glimpse of the foundations of something I’m familiar with seeing only at the surface level. Not the least exciting is getting a chance to better visualize what is going on behind the scenes of the natural … Continue reading

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A review of “Unapologetic” by Francis Spufford

Francis Spufford doesn’t gladly suffer fools. At least, the particular garden variety of fool that tries his patience is the one who refuses to look reality in the eye, who prefers the vaporous consolation of illusion, and therefore doesn’t understand … Continue reading

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An Objection to Pluralism

I recently came across an interesting argument against religious pluralism, the view that all roads lead to God. I recommend reading the article here before reading my thoughts on the matter. The argument is basically that if all religions are bona fide paths … Continue reading

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Why the obsession with sin?

So I have to confess that for years I have had this nagging problem with the Bible that hovered around in the back of my mind. Why is it so obsessed with sin? Honestly, you cannot turn a page in … Continue reading

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