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Science education and Atheistic beliefs – reconsidered

Here is an insightful guest article at Randal Rauser’s blog. The beliefs of top scientists with respect to the supernatural is quite the mixed bag, rather than the black and white claim that scientists are “mostly Atheist” that tends to get … Continue reading

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The Science of Pi

At the recent Loftus / Rauser debate in Calgary I got to ask a question during the Q&A. Loftus is a quintessential Atheist in his unwavering faith in Science (the religion popularly referred to as “Scientism”) and he repeatedly framed … Continue reading

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Evil and suffering in a morally good world – objections 6

The saga continues. I wrote about how God is justified for creating a world more or less like this one because hardship and difficulty are the only ways that many virtues could possibly emerge. Lose the bad stuff of humanity … Continue reading

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Evil and suffering in a morally good world – objections 5

We continue on through our series of objections to my article claiming that evil and suffering in this world are necessary given the fact that God wanted us to fulfill our potential. In this article we consider whether God could … Continue reading

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Heroes rise as the waters rise

I wrote recently about an often overlooked aspect of living in a world filled with challenges, hardship, pain, suffering and even death. What I discovered first hand during my wife’s brush with death and subsequent recovery at the hospital is … Continue reading

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Where is God in the flood?

Calgary is flooding. Record rainfalls are producing an epic catastrophe in our city. Roughly 10% of our population has been evacuated from their homes. Much of downtown is under water. Bridges and roads have been washed out across Southern Alberta … Continue reading

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Discussing the Sovereignty of God

In the midst of my ongoing exploration of suffering here is another article I stumbled upon that relates to the subject. The last two points I found particularly insightful.

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