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Some recommended reading

Vinoth Ramachandra cautions Christians who assert a universal “Christian worldview”. Context, he writes, inevitably shapes how one understands reality. After reading some books by the New Atheists, Jonathan Haidt had a hunch and he decided to crunch some numbers. He … Continue reading

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Craig Evans and Biblical Minimalism

This is a great, short, video outlining some very recent archeological discoveries that affirm the general reliability of the Bible in the Old Testament. Very interesting stuff, especially the comet that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!  

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The moral Atheist?

[Updated 2014-02-10] Well, the Atheists are back. Yes, they are heading out on another publicity campaign. This time we can expect a billboard telling us, as far as I can understand it, that we don’t need God in order to … Continue reading

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