Below is a list of resources that we think should help you get started in investigating Apologetics (and related issues) on the internet. Many of these are also lists, so there’s lots of material there.

Google Apologetics Search Engine – Great search engine for Apologetic material at a large number of reputable sites

Apologetics Directory (The Poached Egg) – Websites, Facebook pages, twitter feeds, podcasts, etc

100 Christian Apologists (Apologetics 315)- Obviously not all of them, but a good start

16 Apologetics podcasts (Apologetics 315)- Again, there are plenty of others too, but this is a good start

Christian Apologetics Blog Directory (Apologetics 315)- The current state of the conversation

The Ultimate Apologetics MP3 audio page (Apologetics 315)- The name says it all

Recommended Apologetics Book Directory (Apologetics 315)- Just books, but lots of them

DVD Curriculums (Apologetics 315) – Some excellent DVDs you can buy to self-educate

Links from Shandon Guthrie (Shandon Guthrie) – Christian Theologians / Philosophers, Organizations and resources (even non-Theist!)

Suggestions? Drop us a line (or comment below)


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