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I have a B.A. in philosophy with distinction from the University of Calgary. I'm a Christian seeking to share the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. You can learn more about me on my website at

Objective vs. Universal Moral Values and Duties

At our last meeting we spent some time discussing various meta-ethical issues, such as the possibility of an atheist/agnostic’s being able to provide an adequate theory for the grounding of objective moral values and duties. Somehow this led to my … Continue reading

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An Objection to Pluralism

I recently came across an interesting argument against religious pluralism, the view that all roads lead to God. I recommend reading the article here before reading my thoughts on the matter. The argument is basically that if all religions are bona fide paths … Continue reading

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Should Christians Engage in Political Activism?

We had our monthly meeting this past Saturday (yes, it is possible for the human being to experience the accumulated pleasure of an NCAC meeting and a family gathering overflowing with turkey, ham, and every other gastronomic goodness you can … Continue reading

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Going Public with Apologetics

As this is my first post for the NCAC, a word of introduction is certainly in order. My name is Shawn Ferguson. I’ve been a Christian for almost fourteen years and I’ve been interested in apologetics right from the beginning, … Continue reading

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