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Meeting with Skeptics, December 2012

Some time ago (perhaps a month or so) the NCAC received an email out of the blue from a couple of guys who were looking for somebody from a Christian background with whom they could discuss some of life’s bigger … Continue reading

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Defending the faith in light of high-profile failure

Another high-standing church member has been arrested and brought into nation-wide disrepute – a painfully public display that once again casts a shadow on the Christian church.

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Apologetics Canada – 2013

This isn’t exactly local to Calgary, but it’s only one province over in British Columbia. Apologetics Canada is hosting another conference in 2013. Speakers include William Lane Craig (Reasonable Faith), Andy Bannister (RZIM Canada), John Patrick (Saint Augustine College), J. … Continue reading

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Communication breakdown

We’ve switched website hosting and our email has not been setup yet. If you attempt to send an email to any of the addresses you will not reach anybody. For the time being, please address all NCAC correspondence to … Continue reading

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Reason in Religion

Imagine that you are involved in leadership at a church that is bursting at the seams (a dream for many). You seriously need an upgrade to your facilities to keep up with what God is doing. You find a great … Continue reading

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Dr. Bruce Gordon speaking in Calgary

Dr. Bruce Gordon will be speaking at New City Church on Sunday evening, December 30th. His talk is entitled “Life, the Universe & Everything Else: How the Natural Points to the Supernatural” and it is free of charge. Dr. Gordon is … Continue reading

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On the difference between persecution and the loss of privileged status

Robert Cargill, professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa, posted a blog on “The Difference between Persecution and Being Corrected“, or perhaps more accurately, the “difference between persecution and the loss of privileged status.” A pie chart … Continue reading

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