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Trinity vs. Tawhid – Part 1 – Which God Can Speak to His Creation?

This is the first of a five part series investigating the differences between God as described in the Quran and the in Bible, and the implications thereof. Which God Can Speak to His Creation? The nature and character of God … Continue reading

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December 2014 meeting

Have you ever wondered about the Latter Day Saint church (Mormons) or the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses)? Some members of our community have investigated these groups and are putting together an introduction for the rest of us. Topics will include:

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Why is Christmas celebrated on a Pagan festival day?

Did You Know? … that the traditional date for Christmas (December 25th) can be traced back as far as 273 AD and was chosen precisely because it corresponded with several pagan celebrations?

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Objective vs. Universal Moral Values and Duties

At our last meeting we spent some time discussing various meta-ethical issues, such as the possibility of an atheist/agnostic’s being able to provide an adequate theory for the grounding of objective moral values and duties. Somehow this led to my … Continue reading

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Who are atheists?

“An apologetics site, when discussing atheists and atheism, will most often focus on belief claims and rational arguments. We know a lot about what atheists believe and the arguments they use to counter the faith claims of Christians in particular. … Continue reading

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Can I Identify Myself as a Christian?

Two years ago I met with a young graduate physics student at the University of Calgary. We talked over coffee in a Starbucks and she asked me a question. “Can I identify myself as a Christian?” What she meant was … Continue reading

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Searching for God

[This article is part of a larger series on “Evidence for God.” Read here for more details.] The search for God is a quest as old as human thought but the question remains; have we found him? Her? It? What … Continue reading

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