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10 steps to getting our kids to stay in Church

I was intrigued by this article that somebody pointed me to: top 10 reasons our kids leave Church. Now I’ll be honest that I naturally default to scholarly analysis when it comes to observations about broad sociological trends  (here is … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Part 6

My enthusiasm for this book has certainly shot up since the last chapter (as I mentioned previously). I don’t know a lot about the field of Gospels Scholarship, but I think I know enough to realize that I have in … Continue reading

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Gospels and the telephone game

I’m still making my way through Jesus and the Eyewitnesses by Richard Bauckham and blogging as I do so (see elsewhere on this site for previous entries), but there was a little quote he shared that I don’t think is … Continue reading

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The “Who made God” objection

The Cosmological argument, in its various forms, is a common line of evidence that points to the existence of God. The idea is simple; the universe is the kind of thing that needs an explanation and God is the most … Continue reading

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They sought to kill him, but did they succeed?

[Update: This blog series came to life while I was on vacation. I’m only now catching up with some formating issues that I should have taken care of much earlier than this. My apologies for the tardiness. To read the … Continue reading

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The unconventional God who reveals his beauty by appearing ugly

God is good! So proclaims the Christian to the world this truth: God is good! And so the Bible tells us. And yet if God is good, then what sense are we to make of many passages in the Hebrew … Continue reading

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No ordinary person could be such a fool as to believe that!

One challenge I bring to different worldviews is, “Is it livable? Can one actually live within the framework and the truths proposed by that worldview?” I sometimes asked my professors who were radical skeptics or hard determinists, “What you lectured … Continue reading

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