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Once again, religious interpretations excluded

From an article, “Neuroscience: Under Attack“, this caught my attention: The problem isn’t solely that self-appointed scientists often jump to faulty conclusions about neuroscience. It’s also that they are part of a larger cultural tendency, in which neuroscientific explanations eclipse … Continue reading

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Avian reflections

This past weekend a couple of birds flew into our window. It’s happened before but normally we only know if there is a feather smeared on the window. This time, however, we were sitting in the room when two near-simultaneous “thuds” were … Continue reading

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The bandage of quick and easy apologetics

Brian LePort seeks to strengthen the faith of Christians through a teaching vocation centred in the church. He agrees that apologetics can further such a goal, but he worries about the danger of a “quick and easy” apologetics when “apologists … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Part 3

It has been said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Similarly, there is something called the Dunning-Kruger effect whereby people who are relatively incompetent in some area still trick themselves into thinking they’re above average in the area … Continue reading

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Gospel Authors

The claim is often made that we do not know who wrote the Gospels (or at least some of them), but we can be sure it was not the authors whose names are associated with them (Matthew, Luke, etc). I … Continue reading

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Archeology and the Gospels

Along the lines of our most recent monthly meeting, here is a fascinating little article showing some archeological discoveries that shed light on life in the time and place of Christ. In some cases the discoveries directly confirm key points … Continue reading

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Fingerprints and their Durability

I recently read an article from the BBC on the durability of fingerprints ( It explained how our finger prints are not only individually unique, but also extremely resilient to removal and decay. A fact that has made fingerprints one … Continue reading

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