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A Righteous King with a Father Heart

Exploring the nature of someone as big as God, takes a careful approach. It’s a bit like walking a tightrope – making a statement that is true but not balanced, can create the wrong concept and knock us off the … Continue reading

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Atheism, Amoralism, and Arationalism

This is a recommendation to go read an article by Dr. James Anderson, in which he helpfully explains the related nature of moral norms and epistemic norms – and how rejecting the existence of moral norms (as hard-atheism does) seems … Continue reading

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Inferring Dark Matter

The ongoing search for dark matter received an exciting advancement recently when strongly predicted gamma ray signals were detected at exactly the location and orientation that current dark matter theories predict. Scientists are clear that these results do not constitute … Continue reading

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Some recommended reading

Vinoth Ramachandra cautions Christians who assert a universal “Christian worldview”. Context, he writes, inevitably shapes how one understands reality. After reading some books by the New Atheists, Jonathan Haidt had a hunch and he decided to crunch some numbers. He … Continue reading

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The moral Atheist?

[Updated 2014-02-10] Well, the Atheists are back. Yes, they are heading out on another publicity campaign. This time we can expect a billboard telling us, as far as I can understand it, that we don’t need God in order to … Continue reading

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Contemplating the Hemorrhage

The study, Hemorrhaging Faith, takes a look at “why & when Canadian young adults are leaving, staying & returning to the church” as the subtitle suggests. Broadly speaking it divides young adults who grew up in the Church into four … Continue reading

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Who are atheists?

“An apologetics site, when discussing atheists and atheism, will most often focus on belief claims and rational arguments. We know a lot about what atheists believe and the arguments they use to counter the faith claims of Christians in particular. … Continue reading

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