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Is Reality Subjective or Objective? Pick Your Poison!

Case Study #1: Reality is Objective January 8th, 2016 at 11:20 pm, Edward Archer, a self-professed Muslim, attempted to kill Jesse Hartnett, a police officer with the Philadelphia Police Department, as he sat in his police cruiser.  Archer fired 13 … Continue reading

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Trinity vs. Tawhid – Part 1 – Which God Can Speak to His Creation?

This is the first of a five part series investigating the differences between God as described in the Quran and the in Bible, and the implications thereof. Which God Can Speak to His Creation? The nature and character of God … Continue reading

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Podcasts Worth Listening To

I love to listen to podcasts. I have a subscription list of around 40 different podcasts, and I track around 40 more for episodes of interest. My work provides me abundant opportunity to listen to podcasts all day long, and … Continue reading

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Nobody is ever argued into the Kingdom

In Apologetic circles we regularly hear the claim that “Nobody is ever argued into the Kingdom.” It never seems to help change people’s minds by pointing out that many Christians do, in fact, specifically claim that the evidence persuaded them … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hardwired – Finding the God You Already Know

Hardwired – Finding the God You Already Know by James Miller is a breath of fresh air in the marketplace of Christian apologetics resources. Not that what’s already there is not high caliber, useful material, but it seems to be … Continue reading

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Objective vs. Universal Moral Values and Duties

At our last meeting we spent some time discussing various meta-ethical issues, such as the possibility of an atheist/agnostic’s being able to provide an adequate theory for the grounding of objective moral values and duties. Somehow this led to my … Continue reading

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The Simulation Argument

Modern philosophy and modern science have teamed up to develop a new theory of existence known as the “simulation argument”. It contends that nothing in our universe actually “exists” but everything, including the universe itself and everyone in it, are … Continue reading

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