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Atheism, Abortion, Guilt, and Forgiveness

This is an article that deals with the moral status of abortion. It attempts to show that any worldview that claims (1) science as its ultimate arbiter of truth, and (2) that all human lives are of equal value, must … Continue reading

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The Absurd Moral Logic Behind #shoutyourabortion

The Backstory Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing little boys and little girls. This is a fact that they would never publicly admit to. But in the seclusion of their back offices, they admit this truth amongst themselves, … Continue reading

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Should Christians Engage in Political Activism?

We had our monthly meeting this past Saturday (yes, it is possible for the human being to experience the accumulated pleasure of an NCAC meeting and a family gathering overflowing with turkey, ham, and every other gastronomic goodness you can … Continue reading

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