The Absurd Moral Logic Behind #shoutyourabortion

The Backstory

Planned Parenthood is in the business of killing little boys and little girls. This is a fact that they would never publicly admit to. But in the seclusion of their back offices, they admit this truth amongst themselves, as they peer into petri dishes splayed with tiny bodies which their own hands have dismembered. Another boy, another girl, another dollar.

But not so long ago, those back offices were visited by a man with a camera. And that camera saw Planned Parenthood displaying their wares in petri dishes – arms and legs, brains and kidneys, girls and boys. Planned Parenthood doesn’t like cameras in their secluded back offices. And when you don’t like something in America, you threaten legal action.

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Q&A night – in Okotoks

A few members of our group will participate in “Ask the Apologist” at the Okotoks Evangelical Free Church on Tuesday, June 9 starting at 7PM. Feel free to join us and bring your friends and your questions. We don’t have all the answers, but it’d be great to have some conversation.

Here’s a link to the “EquipU” agenda, with details about the evening and some other events they are putting on. The church website is

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Book Review: Hardwired – Finding the God You Already Know

Hardwired – Finding the God You Already Know by James Miller is a breath of fresh air in the marketplace of Christian apologetics resources. Not that what’s already there is not high caliber, useful material, but it seems to be predominantly oriented towards objective argumentation. This state of affairs leaves a conspicuous absence of what Miller wisely brings to us in Hardwired – a return to focus on the subjective knowledge of God that already exists within humanity. Miller is reminding us of nothing that is not already presented to us in scripture: “…since what can be known about God is evident among them, because God has shown it to them. For His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what He has made…” Romans 1:19-20. Hardwired presents a collection of thoughts and reflections, written at the popular level, that are aimed at helping the seeker make sense of the deeply-held knowledge, which all humans seem to experience a sense of, and long to have explained. It also serves to show believers that it is wise to leverage this latent knowledge in approaching those who do not believe. Continue reading

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March meeting – 2015

Did you attend the “Be Ready” conference put on by Faith Beyond Belief in February? Perhaps you have some questions about what you heard, or maybe some objections? Or maybe you just want to explore some of the discussions a little deeper? Or maybe you missed it and would like to hear what all the hoopla was about.

If so, then our March meeting is for you. Join us (and some of the staff from Faith Beyond Belief) on Saturday March 14 at 7PM at Rocky Mountain College. This month’s meeting is going to be dedicated exclusively to further discussions / questions / reflections from the Be Ready conference.

See you then!

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Naturalism, The Bible, and the Sixth Mass Extinction

Did you know that there have been five major mass extinction events in earth’s history? Did you also know that there is a mass extinction underway right now in 2015? It is thought that this extinction event, called the Holocene extinction, will end up being the sixth major mass extinction event on earth. With an estimated 140000 species being snuffed out per year, the full extent of the losses are not yet know.

The proposed causes of the first five mass extinctions have been various: volcanoes, oceanic overturn, geomagnetic reversals, climate change, asteroid or meteorite strikes. But the sixth extinction, we are told, is being driven by something different than those that came before: Mankind. Continue reading

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Fine-tuning argument rebutted?

In this brief article on the fine-tuning of the universe, the “friendly Atheist” (aren’t they all friendly?) tells us that the fine-tuning argument has been “debunked so many times over,” and that it is, at heart, a fallacy (and an absurd one at that), and he also reminds us that Victor Stenger has written a 350 page volume refuting it. Rather than getting into details, he offers “the simplest response” which is, in essence, that every single person’s history is a series of unimaginably improbable coincidences because our lives could have taken so many different paths. Yet here we are on the one path that we took out of all the infinite paths we might have taken. Shocked? Not really. Same goes for fine-tuning. Clearly there is nothing interesting to discuss here. Move along, please.

It almost sounds like a reasonable response, doesn’t it? But there’s a problem.

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December 2014 meeting

Have you ever wondered about the Latter Day Saint church (Mormons) or the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses)? Some members of our community have investigated these groups and are putting together an introduction for the rest of us. Topics will include:

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