Podcasts Worth Listening To

I love to listen to podcasts. I have a subscription list of around 40 different podcasts, and I track around 40 more for episodes of interest. My work provides me abundant opportunity to listen to podcasts all day long, and they make the work day that much better. Whatever your interests are, you can find a good podcast.

Because I often find myself trading podcast recommendations with people I meet, I figured it might be worth it to compile a list of some of the best podcasts I know of out there working to vindicate the Christian worldview (as well as some just for fun).

If you happen to have a podcast recommendation not on my list, let everybody know in the comments so we can check it out.

So here’s my list:

  • “The Blimey Cow Podcast” – (Just for Fun) – If you have not heard of Blimey Cow, you were not home-schooled. This podcast is a supplement to their hilarious YouTube channel.
  • “The Briefing”, by Albert Mohler – (Current Events) – I start my day with Albert Mohler’s analysis of daily events from a Christian perspective. Required listening.
  • “Christ the Centre” by the Reformed Forum – (Theology) – Your weekly conversation on Reformed theology. Usually worth the listen, as they have excellent guests, but sometimes the content is over my head.
  • “The Dividing Line” by James White – (Theology and Apologetics) – James white tackles Roman Catholicism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and just about everything else
  • “Embrace the Truth” by Abdu Murray – (Apologetics) – Abdu is a former muslim who works with RZIM, and deals with apologetic topics
  • “The Eric Metaxas Show” – (Current Events) – He’s been called a “photogenic, witty ambassador for faith in public life,” Eric Metaxas is always entertaining, and sometimes informative.
  • “Intelligent Design, The Future” by the Discovery Institute – (Current Events) – Latest news and views and intelligent design and evolution
  • “McAlvany Weekly Commentary” – (Current Events) – Weekly monetary, economic, geo-political news and events with David McAlvany and guests.
  • “Mortification of Spin” by Carl Truman, Aimee Bird, Todd Pruitt – (Theology) – If you enjoy classic rock references during discussions on important theological and practical issues, this is your podcast.
  • “Proclaiming Christ” by the Reformed Forum – (Theology) – Podcast focused on biblical preaching, which covers the process, method, and goals of preaching Christ throughout the whole biblical text.
  • “Reformed Media Review” by the Reformed Forum – (Theology and Apologetics) – Along with the WTS Bookstore email newsletter and Challies.com, this is where I find out what is worth reading
  • “Renewing your Mind” by R.C. Sproul – (Theology and Apologetics) – The God revealed in the Bible is proclaimed against the backdrop of culture, philosophy, apologetics, ethics, and church history
  • “Stand To Reason” by Greg Koukl – (Apologetics) – Sometimes interviews, sometimes monologue, sometimes listener questions, Greg Koukl works to help Christians think more clearly about their faith.
  • “Steel on Steel” by John Loeffler  – (Current Events, paid subscription) – A weekly program dedicated to the sharpening of ideas, news commentary, interview, information and debate, much of which you will not hear elsewhere.
  • “The Memory Palace” by Nate Demaio – (Just for Fun) – Short surprising stories of the past, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hysterical. Well written and delivered.
  • “Theology on the Go” by Jonathan Master – (Theology) – Brief interviews on various theological topics. Must listen: Catechizing.
  • “Thinking in Public” by Albert Mohler – (Current Events) – Extended discussions and intelligent conversations about cultural issues and the people who shape them
  • “This American Life” – (Just for Fun) – Hit and miss podcast: each episode has a theme, and a variety of stories on that theme. Most of the stories are journalism, with an occasional comedy routine or essay.
  • “Thru the Bible” by J. Vernon McGee – (Theology) – Dr. McGee takes you on a 5 year exposition of the whole Bible.
  • “Truth for Life” by Allistair Begg – (Theology) – This Bible teaching ministry seeks to faithfully proclaim the Word of God, through the sober and evangelistic preaching of Allistair Begg. This is worth listening to just for his Scottish accent
  • “Unbelievable?” by Justin Brierley – (Apologetics and Debate) – Christians and non-believers engage in debate on fundamental questions, openly discussing different opinions. Hundreds of episodes available, so you can probably find a topic being debated that interests you.
  • “Up for Debate” by Julie Roys – (Apologetics and Debate) – Christian vs. Christian debate podcast, usually worth listening to, but sometimes too short for a full discussion.
  • “99% Invisible” by Roman Mars – (Just for Fun) – A show about design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.

There it is.  A huge list to keep you busy for weeks.  Audire lege!

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