More email problems

It would seem we are having more email problems. If you are not on our distribution list this does not apply to you. Though, if you would like to be added, drop us a line. If you are on our list, read on.

It seems our group emails are not faithfully ending up in people’s inboxes. This is problematic in two ways. First, gmail addresses seem to be the biggest culprit for some reason. If you have a gmail account registered with us, but would prefer a different address, let us know.

The second form of the problem is that the messages will end up in people’s spam. This sometimes happens even if they specifically set up a filter to make sure it does not end up in spam.

While we sort this out keep an eye on this blog as well as our facebook page and facebook group for updates. We have a lot of interesting stuff going on this Fall, so it’s definitely worth your while to keep tabs on what’s going on.


About Paul Buller

Just some guy with a variety of eccentric interests.
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