Some recommended reading

  • Vinoth Ramachandra cautions Christians who assert a universal “Christian worldview”. Context, he writes, inevitably shapes how one understands reality.
  • After reading some books by the New Atheists, Jonathan Haidt had a hunch and he decided to crunch some numbers. He “noticed that they used rhetorical structures suggesting certainty far more often than I was used to in scientific writing – words such as “always” and “never,” as well as phrases such as “there is no doubt that…” and “clearly we must…” As it turns out, “the New Atheists win the certainty competition.”
  • I was going to write a review of Peter Boghossian’s “A Manual for Creating Atheists”, but Randal Rauser is doing a much job, saving me from having to perform a distasteful task.
  • Bill Mounce asks, “Is philosophy inherently evil?” Colossians 2:18 could give you reason to think so.
  • “Is Atheism Irrational?” Gary Gutting of Notre Dame interviews Alvin Plantinga.
  • Oliver Burkeman has a New Year’s wish for 2014, “that atheists who care about honest argument – and about maybe actually getting somewhere in these otherwise mind-numbingly circular debates – might consider reading just one book by a theologian, David Bentley Hart’s “The Experience of God”, published recently by Yale University Press.
  • Here’s a story about “how God takes a French atheist who hates religion and makes a Christian theologian and apologist out of him.”



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