Jesus – according to Life magazine

So I was in the grocery store and I saw that Life magazine has put out an entire issue (actually a “Life book”) on Jesus. The title? Jesus (who do you say that I am?)

Ok, I’m cautiously optimistic. I thumb through it, read part of the intro, and I’m struck with the impression that this may actually be pretty good. It doesn’t appear to be gushingly pro-Christian, but it doesn’t seem (at my very cursory glance) to be an attempt to undermine either the historicity or the significance of Jesus or the Church founded in his name.

Your homework is as follows:

  1. Find your own copy and buy it
  2. Read it
  3. Review it
  4. Discuss (this is why we have comments, by the way)

Merry Christmas


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6 Responses to Jesus – according to Life magazine

  1. donna says:

    I, too, was in line at the grocery store and was casually looking at the magazine rack with the typical trashy headlines (mind-numbing) when I was struck by the serene, full page cover of Jesus (one of many renditions). Hmm, I thought. Are they trying to hawk the Christmas buying season? Was it some expose trying to give their opinion on how unrelatable this figure was to modern society? I picked it up and found myself enthralled by all the pix and interesting articles that would very much be relatable today. From my brief scan of the magazine, I did not see anything offensive or any of Steven Hawkings’ derisive quotes. I think I will go back and get it, not only for my benefit but those in my family that do not take the time to include Jesus in their daily lives. I do try to read the Bible and attend church regularly but I always welcome unbiased articles that are presented so spectacularly. Anytime Jesus can spill over into my daily routines of errands (such as shopping for groceries), I say “amen” to that.

    • renee mason says:

      amen sister…we have enough uglyness in our world ..seeing that magazine cover today as i waited in line 4 my grocerys made my heart smile…thats always a good thing ❤
      i too have decieded to go back n buy it…if i bought the one with that loser osama on the front
      when we got him? it had a circle w/ a slash across his face?)
      then i better buy the one with my savior on it !! lol

  2. Ormond Ryan says:

    Well written Donna. I was at Walgreens when I spotted it yesterday. It caused a discussion between me and the cashier/customer service representative. Without that cover, we may have never been called to speak His Holy Name in one another’s presence. Here is the amazing part. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I looked up in the sky and saw a partial rainbow. There was no rain. It was a sunny late afternoon. I felt the Holy Spirit in my conversation with the Walgreens rep. & from this anyone is welcome to draw your own conclusion. The rainbow for me serves as yet another assurance as I have recently been attacked by my family in subtle and not-so-subtle ways for my beliefs & having the audacity to incorporate Jesus as Savior into my holidays. I get a saddened kick out of how so many in the U.S.A. are doing everything in their power to reap the benefits of the big fat meals, family gatherings, the days off from work, the exchange of gifts and the spirit of the Holidays, but let’s not dare bring up the Trinity, which is the very root of the country’s religious holidays. Large percentages of citizens believe our goodness is borne from our own will or some non-descript force/god with no distinct law, identity or personality. My God forgive this nation and the world for such arrogance because you don’t fit in to our self indulgent desires & lives. While we are at it, we might as well just thank the “universe” which is an absolute slap in God’s face. I purchased 2 copies (I have yet to read it before sharing it as a gift)without really knowing for sure what I was going to find inside since we seem to face Christian bashing or disrespect from multiple fronts. It is a shame our excitement of spotting such a magazine cover is immediately followed by our thoughts which race to questioning the ability of a secular journalistic piece having the ability to convey the reality & truth about Jesus as more than just a cool guy, prophet &/or influential teacher. By God this is the Savior of the entire world. The disbelief of many does not alter the reality of the truth therein. HE surpasses all religions, faiths, agnostic, atheistic, & multiple paths views, races, creeds, nationalities, economic & social statuses, physical capabilities, appearances, & more. In a single act Jesus cleansed all the sin, evil and hideousness that exist in every one of us. He supersedes wars & the causes of wars, slavery, criminal acts & the causes of criminal acts, genocide, cruelty, suffering, disease, destructive lifestyles, decisions, addictions, politics, motives and more. He heals all & there is nothing we can do or have done that would cause Him to shut the door in our face when we seek Him. He is the only God out of all the other faiths & religions that has stepped down off HIS THRONE to become one of us and live amongst us as well as suffer with us for the sole purpose of washing away every single sin that anyone has ever and will ever commit. If that’s not pure love then I don’t know what is. In as much as we can improve our inner selves, none of us has the ability to live a life free of sin or make up for our sin. Not even the monks who lock themselves away from the world & take a vow of silence, because even they have thoughts which are deemed sinful in a perfect world by a perfect God. What do any of us suppose then is the solution to our uncontrollable sin? The Great I AM. No matter how the article reads, I thank God for moving the editors of Life Magazine to make mention of the world’s Savior and grab people’s attention with an exciting cover. I continue to pray every day & night for the millions of lost souls throughout the world as no one should be destined to an unthinkable darkness & loneliness for eternity…no one ever.

    ****quote from C.S. LEWIS: Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.

    C. S. Lewis ****

  3. Diane Gaudin says:

    I too saw the beautiful picture of my Lord at the counter in Walgreens. I thumbed through it and thought this might be interesting. I looked at the beautiful pictures first and read the captions. All was okay until I read about the Hagia Sophia in Turkey. The authors bias immediately came through. The church did not go from being a Catholic Church to a Mosque because we gave it to them peaceably. Our priests and fellow Christians were captured and murdered if we did not convert to
    Then I started to read the articles and again the authors bias about the Church came through loud and clear in the first few paragraphs about how the Catholic writers changed the words of the Pentatuch to make it say what we wanted it to say to back our position on the virgin to bear the savior and how the Protestants corrected these errors. Also, he regurgitates the tired old prejudices about the crusades without taking into account that the Holy Land was CHRISTIAN land and that we were fighting to get our land and churches back from the Muslims that had conquered, sacked and murdered us. A true Jew followed Jesus then and follows Jesus now and is Christian. The rest were disbursed to other places by God.

  4. renee mason says:

    i just went through the same experience ! in fact..i just logged on line to see what other people are saying about this. ..i myself, like the other commentors i read here , was at first pleasantly suprprized…opened it , expecting to find myself disappointed , but , instead i was impressed, comforted ….and i too have decieded if theres ever a magazine that i should spend my money to buy …let it be Jesus. i like fact i am going to write the editor and thank him . finally somebody in the media was brave enough to sell us something of some substance..something pleasant, good , helpful…real…no lies ..and from what i could see..they just had facts….with both sides of the issue explained…beautiful pictures too….annd i think that they will open a LOT of minds , hearts , and souls this way that have been just lost in the dark…..i applaud them ❤

  5. john harmeling says:

    WHO DO YOU SAY I AM?? The only question men must answer is the one Jesus asked.
    One thing is certain….NO MAN ever understood His own identity more clearly than Jesus Christ.
    He puts the perfect face on the God we cannot see…”He that has seen Me has seen the Father..
    I and My Father are one….No man comes to the Father but by Me….ALL MEN should honor
    the Son even as they honor the Father”…He forgave sins and accepted worship over and over
    and over again. Just a religious figure…moral leader….another prophet….RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Creator of this universe became a man…His name is Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!

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