Discussing the Sovereignty of God

In the midst of my ongoing exploration of suffering here is another article I stumbled upon that relates to the subject. The last two points I found particularly insightful.

Being sovereign does not mean being a micro-manager. As the article explains, “A king may have sovereign authority over the merchant in the market, but when that merchant sells a bag of rice, we don’t say that the king personally performed that action.” This is the fundamental mistake so many of God’s critics make when they claim that God “caused” evil and suffering.

And the last point, “We don’t praise God for evil, we praise God in the midst of evil.” The idea is that if suffering brings about good then suffering IS good. One commenter at our recent articles went so far as to suggest we should seek out suffering! What?!?! The article does a nice job of clarifying this category mistake.

It’s a short article and well worth the read. Click on over there and enjoy.


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