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Upcoming God debate in Calgary

Dr. Randal Rouser and John W Loftus will conduct a debate tour across Southern Alberta. Starting in Calgary they will work their way up the QE2 through Red Deer and finally Edmonton. The Calgary event is June 3, 7PM at Renfrew … Continue reading

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Some perspective on the problem of pain

This world is pretty messed up, isn’t it? Corrupt governments. Warzones around the world. Murder, rape and even genocide fill the nightly news. That doesn’t even cover natural disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes. Yep, the world is a pretty … Continue reading

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May 2013 meeting – The Jesus Myth Hypothesis

This Saturday we will be treated to a guest presentation by Stephen J Bedard ( He is co-author of the book “Unmasking the Pagan Christ.” A promo video for the presentation can be seen here. If you are able to … Continue reading

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Upcoming events

This is short notice but I just found out about it myself. A reminder that a discussion of The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Licona and Habermas will be live-streamed tomorrow (Monday, May 5th) from 8-9pm EST. A … Continue reading

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Why bother with prayer?

As I shared previously, my wife’s recovery from her cardiac arrest has been amazing and reflection-inducing. Hundreds of us (even some complete strangers) prayed for her full recovery. All indications are that she will fully recover despite the odds against … Continue reading

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