April 2013 meeting – Challenge of world religions

We don’t have a fancy promo video for this one like we do for May’s meeting because Dr. Irving Hexham is a local Calgarian. We are going to try to get a little fancy, though, by having it live streamed for the benefit of those who are not so blessed as to live in the greatest city on earth: Calgary (just a hint of patriotism there…). If this interests you, bookmark this blog entry. If I can get all the technology working properly I will post a link to the live stream of the presentation about a half an hour before the presentation actually starts. There’s a countdown timer on the right of this page to help you keep an eye on the time.

At the end of the presentation there will probably be some time for Q&A so if you have a question during the presentation just drop it in the comment box below. Priority will be given to those physically at the presentation, obviously.

Here are the details for the presentation:

  • Presenter: Dr. Irving Hexham (website)
  • Subject: The Challenge of World Religions
  • Date: April 13, 2013
  • Time: 7PM MST (live streaming to start around 6:30 MST)

The link (if we can get it to work properly) will end up right here:

The wifi connection isn’t great, but we’ll do our best tonight. Here’s the link and we’ll get started at 7PM Calgary time.

Sorry, folks; video just died. Only sound now.

Five points in conclusion.

  1. You have to listen to people
  2. Understanding precedes criticism
  3. Christians need to be well informed
  4. There are no easy answers
  5. Christians must know and live and their faith

Recommended reading from Dr. Hexham (links to be provided later):

  1. Understanding world religions
  2. For the Glory of God
  3. The Barbarian Conversion
  4. The Unexpected Way

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Just some guy with a variety of eccentric interests.
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