Accept the truth from whoever utters it

Materialism is one of the dominant world views of the Western world in which science constitutes the only source of true knowledge about the world. The once respected philosopher, Thomas Nagel, had the audacity in Mind and Cosmos to question that world view and he is paying the price for his impudence. Leon Wieseltier documents the religious zeal of materialists who seem ready to burn and lay waste to those heretics among their midst. He ably reveals the “scientistic tyranny” of Western intellectual life. And all this brouhaha because Nagel has suggested that “there are things that science, as it is presently conceived, cannot possibly explain.” For that heresy, Simon Blackburn concludes: “If there were a philosophical Vatican, the book would be a good candidate for going on to the Index.” Burn and pillage? No, I think instead I’ll head on over to and add Nagel to my reading list.

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One Response to Accept the truth from whoever utters it

  1. Shawn Clayton Ferguson says:

    I’ve been meaning to read that book. Now my interest is even greater than it was before!

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