The bandage of quick and easy apologetics

Brian LePort seeks to strengthen the faith of Christians through a teaching vocation centred in the church. He agrees that apologetics can further such a goal, but he worries about the danger of a “quick and easy” apologetics when “apologists are desperate to provide an ‘answer’ and often the answer is overly simplistic, or even worse, wrong in such a way that it is obvious that the apologist wanted to provide an answer more than the apologist wanted to provide a careful, thoughtful response.”

LePort offers a worthwhile caution. Easy answers can satisfy in the present situation, but when faced with tougher challenges in the future, the weaker Christian may be swayed and discover that bandage solutions to serious wounds don’t provide a solid support for one’s faith. LePort concludes that “to fully care for a church means shepherding both those who live in bliss [those who avoid challenges to their faith] and those who are wrestling with the deep questions of our faith.”

You can read his entire blog here.

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